I can't thankyou enough for your very kind and very professional team. We are so grateful for your beyond excellent service. We couldn't imagine there would be such an amazing service out there until we met you. Thankyou so much for your hard work.

My daughter just completed the transitioning to year 7 course. She found it very enjoyable and informative. She found Mary very fun and caring. She learnt about organising her work, note taking,  and planning and brought resources home to be able to refer to. It certainly has alleviated some of her concerns about heading into year 7. I would highly recommend this course for anyone heading into year 7.  Thank you Mary!

Wow Mary, I was very impressed with my son's results. A credit to you and all of your hard work. He has accomplished so much this year. Your advice, support and encouragement has helped to change my son's attitude to learning and life of constant challenges. Your efforts help him to think a little more positively about himself. He admires you greatly and you have made a wonderful connection with him.

I would like to thankyou for all of your efforts to support the community of parents and carers.

Thanks Mary. Both you and Lisa have been amazing for us. I know with complete certainty that our lives would be very different had you not been there.

You have been key in helping my daughter with her learning and she really loves you. We appreciate all of your help with our daughter this year - her growth is amazing!!

Thankyou for organising the social skills and play skills groups. My son's preschool has reported that he has completely transformed and was extremely engaged in group activities, mixing better with the other kids and showing confidence in contributing and answering questions during group time.


We love working with The Hills Learning Centre. Our daughter loved working with her teacher and thought she was brilliant!!!

The staff are fabulous, caring and knowledgeable.

Absolutely love Shivaun! Everytime I ring up to ask questions she is able to assist. Lesley is fantastic also. I love the honest feedback she gives on a weekly basis. The follow-up communication is very good.

Communication is very well-done. Changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The centre is very accommodating to changes that need to be made due to other commitments.