Effective Communication

The Hills Learning Centre Pty Ltd

Communicating together involves a two-way sharing of information and helps to develop a common understanding. This will make it easier for parents and staff to support one another. Effective communication also helps families and staff to build a trusting partnership and develop honest and respectful relationships.

When families and staff share information, everyone can be aware of the child’s strengths and challenges and can work together to support the child’s social and emotional wellbeing.

At The Hills Learning Centre we believe that positive, clear and effective communication between the centre, home and school will ensure for greater success in the child’s learning.

At The Hills Learning Centre we encourage open communication.  Verbal communication can be spoken conversations (face-to-face or phone calls) or in writing. Please feel free to call, email or write to us if you have any concerns or grievances. Our Complaint policy and form is available on our website or through the centre’s staff.  We encourage you to firstly bring any concerns you have immediately to your child’s specialist so that problems can be addressed.  If you have any concerns about your child’s specialist, please bring your concerns to the Director. If your complaint is about the Director, please ask to access the complaints form and follow the recommended channels.

Parents/carers are encouraged to arrive 5-10minutes before the completion of their child’s session so that the intervention specialist can go through the lesson, any issues that have arisen and the homework focus. We also request that parents/carers pass on our introductory letter to the child’s teacher, opening up the communication between the centre and the school.  It is important that we work together to support and help your child.

Parents/carers will have information made available to them via our monthly / bi-monthly newsletters.  Facebook is regularly updated with upcoming parent seminars and helpful advice.  We aim to keep you informed about your child’s progress; following assessments at the end of the 10 session learning cycle parents will be given verbal feedback. 

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