Enrolment and Intervention

The Hills Learning Centre supports the child and their family through their school journey. This information is provided to you so you are well informed about our processes and procedures.

  • Every child and their family have the right to involve an advocate of their choice in the assessment, delivery, monitoring and review of their service plans.
  • At the Hills Learning Centre every child is treated and respected equally regardless of ability or background and we support each child to have equal access to education, services and the community.
  • The Initial Assessment will be conducted using a variety of tools to determine the student’s specific needs.
  • Following the assessment, a consultation with parents to review the results and collaboratively discuss plans for the IIP (Individualised Intervention Program) will be conducted.
  • Once the IIP has been written, parents will be asked to view and sign the IIP and accept its implementation.
  • Students work through a 10 session cycle of intervention at a time. Please refer to “Fees and Charges” document for payment methods/schedules, costs and cancellation policy.
  • Re-assessments are usually at the end of the 10 session learning cycle, (11th session) however, parents may request a reassessment and an adjustment of the IIP upon request at any time.
  • Re-assessments incur an additional session cost and can be provided with or without a written report. If parents would like a written report, a small fee applies.
  • Parents/Carers are invited into the session so feedback can be given at the end of each lesson.
  • If the learning intervention specialist becomes aware of any additional difficulties during the intervention sessions, they will be discussed with the client / parent/ carers and provided with a referral to additional services.
  • The Hills Learning Centre welcomes feedback at any time and uses complaints, suggestions and compliments as a method of continually improving service performance, systems and processes to ensure delivery of effective and quality services for people living with a disability, their families and carers.