Independent Living and Social Skills Workshop

Thursday 18th April, 2019

12:00 - 3:00pm

Only $192 (+ GST) for 3 hours

This work-shop is designed to teach basic living skills and incorporate social interactions and communication skills amongst participants during a shared meal-time. All discussions will involve listening and speaking.

Participants will engage in the following tasks:
• Introduce each other to the group
• Ask group members appropriate questions about themselves
• Discuss the day’s purpose and procedures
• Discuss importance of healthy eating
• Generate a list of food ‘likes’
• Discuss the three types of meal times and different types of foods that can be prepared/eaten at each meal-time
• Generate a list of lunch options
• Discuss table manners and etiquette
• Discuss how to set a table for a meal
• Decide what they would like to eat for lunch
• Organise food ingredients and prepare their own lunch
• Set table place
• Eat at a table with peers, engaging in appropriate conversation
• Clear table and washup lunch utensils
• Clean food area as required
• Discuss their experience of the day

Bookings and Payment:
Please call the Centre on 8850 0555 to book and pay via EFTPOS
Early Bird discount of 10% if booked by April 12th
Max 8 per class

The course will be funded through NDIS category- Innovative Community Participation; Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities; Item 04_104_0125_6_1