Our Services

Our services are designed to support the child's individual needs & to work closely with the parents and the school.

NDIS Supported Intervention

The Hills Learning Centre is a registered NDIS provider. We offer a range of services which can be supported through NDIS funding for eligible participants.
We are a registered provider of the following NDIS categories;
- Assist life stage transitions
- Innovative community participation
- Development life skills
- Early childhood supports

We offer 1:1 individualised intervention, weekly classes and school holiday programs to provide life skills training and support for students with disabilities.

Diagnostic Educational Assessments

At The Hills Learning Centre the aim of our assessments is not only to identify a child’s weakness in his/her learning, but to also highlight the strengths. Our formal diagnostic assessment tools are standardised and commercially produced, and are recognised by educational institutions and schools. Our informal assessments tools are based on observations of the child’s learning behaviours and responses to activities and stimuli presented to him/her.

After the assessment, parents are ‘walked-through’ each test item through a detailed written report, receiving details of their child’s strengths and learning gaps that have been identified by the assessments. It is vital that parents are well informed about their child’s learning profile.

Learning Intervention -individual and small groups

In most instances, learning intervention is on an individual basis. This way each child receives clear and explicit instruction to help him/her acquire the skills missing. An error-free, positive-teaching approach is used. Periodically, a small group course of learning in a specific area is offered. Groups can run with a minimum of 4 students and up to a maximum of 10, at a reduced cost.

Life Skills

The Hills Learning Centre specialises in assisting students with the skills they need to become active participants in their community. Whether it be at home, at school, in the workplace or in social settings, we have programs that can support students in building social skills, living skills, communication skills, functional literacy and mathematics skills.

Face-to-Face and online delivery

The Hills Learning Centre recognises the need for flexible learning arrangements and therefore offers students the opportunity for students to meet with their teacher 1:1 in either face-to-face mode or in an online setting through online portals such as Skype or Zoom. Teachers utililse a number of effective online applications which allow for the delivery of online content if students, for various reasons, cannot physically visit one of our learning centres.

Holiday Programs

Each school holiday a variety of short courses is offered through our Holiday Programs. The courses are for all students and not limited to children with special needs. E-mail the centre for more information.

School liaison

The Hills Learning Centre encourages communication with the child’s school to ensure consistency in learning and for the reinforcement of new skills between the centre, school and home.

Student mentoring & goal setting

Motivation is the key to good learning as is setting goals and knowing how to achieve them. At The Hills Learning Centre we are able to provide Year 6- 12 students with individual mentoring sessions focussing on goal setting, time management and reaching personal best.

Parent Support

Parents receive support each week at the end of the intervention session, through feed-back and strategies on how to support their child’s learning at home. Our Free Parent & Community Seminars are held at the centre every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm and are a wonderful opportunity to support and be supported, share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences, have a cuppa away from the kids and chat to other parents and community members.

Advocacy Services

Clients and their parents/carers have the right to involve an advocate of their choice; in the assessment, monitoring and review of their service plans. The Hills Learning Centre can assist clients and their parents/carers to find an advocacy service to best suit their needs.