Parent Literacy Workshops

Expressions of Interest

x3 Saturdays 9am - 12 noon

(dates to be confirmed according to expressed interest)
Our series of 3 half-day workshops will empower parents with what you need to know to help your child at home with Reading, Spelling and Writing.
This workshop will cover the fundamentals of the Spalding/WRAP multi-sensory approach to reading, spelling and writing, whilst incorporating our own centre-based programs and strategies.

You will learn how the skills taught by this approach make it easier for children to gain success in their literacy.

We will cover:
o Why phonics works- evidence-based research findings on the importance of phonics for reading and spelling.
o Practical strategies on how you can help teach the early fundamental literacy skills:
o The speech sounds associated with the single letters of the alphabet (single letter phonograms)
o The speech sounds associated with multiple-letter phonograms eg: sh, ee, dge, igh, eigh.
o Useful concepts to help children write the letters of the alphabet neatly
o How to link writing the letters of the alphabet with phonic learning
o How to break words into sounds for spelling (encode) and blend sounds into words for reading (decode).
o How to analyse words; number of letters, syllables, sounds, base-words, pre and suffixes
o The importance of sight words
o Important spelling rules to know.
o Applying the phonic approach to any homework spelling-list
o Strategies to develop reading fluency, improve vocabulary and comprehension.

Total Cost $275 (includes GST)
Cost Includes:
• Weekly Written Notes
• Pack Phonogram cards
• Morning tea

Please register your interest by phone: 8850 0555 or email by Friday 5th July

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